Executive Coaching

Transforming Organizational Cultures

Sanford Kulkin, Ph.D., is a nationally recognized expert in behavioral understanding. His unique ability to help others identify behavioral styles has assisted businesses in reaching their full potential and has radically transformed the culture of many organizations. Today, numerous leaders in both business and government have relied on the advice and wisdom of Sandy Kulkin to propel them to the next level.

Proven Track Record of Success

Though each client approaches Sandy with their own unique needs and circumstances, the following five-step approach has consistently demonstrated success:

  • Assessment and Analysis
  • Developing a Strategic Plan
  • Specialized Behavioral Training
  • Creative Implementation Strategies
  • Follow-Up

Sandy Helped Me

Sandy helped me identify and overcome obstacles that hindered my progress. He even gave me the strategies for conflict resolution that ultimately lead to my promotion. This was the first step in a career that rocketed upward.

Helen, Training Director for United Airlines

I Use the DISC Personality System

I use the DISC Personality System for developing high involvement work teams… No other indicator that I have used deals so well with interpersonal behavior.

Phil, Major Defense Contractor

Thank You for Your In-Depth Training

Thank you for your in-depth training. It was everything you said it would be… This training has increased my effectiveness.

Thomas, Management Consultant

I Brought You In to Solve a Problem

I brought you in to solve a problem at the Treasury… you did that but more importantly you helped me gain a relationship with my son who hadn’t spoken to me in months.

Government Official

DISC for Stronger Teams & Organizations

By understanding the unique personality traits of each member, leaders can ensure better alignment, communication, and collaboration within the team, leading to improved performance and cohesion towards common goals.

DISC Report

4D Report

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