About Sandy

Ever enjoyed a glass of clean water, hummed along to an uplifting tune, or simply had your daily tasks made easier? Behind those everyday moments lies the innovative work of Dr. Sanford “Sandy” Kulkin, a visionary entrepreneur and catalyst for positive change.

With a career spanning decades, Sandy has left an indelible mark on industries ranging from water management to music distribution to waste disposal. He spearheaded groundbreaking hiring techniques for a 120-year-old water company, ensuring exceptional customer service for over 20 million patrons. His ingenious marketing strategies propelled a music company to prominence, while his deft management ensured the continuity of a major waste disposal firm during a leadership crisis.

But Sandy’s impact extends far beyond boardrooms and balance sheets. As the founder of the Institute for Motivational Living (IML) in 1983, he has dedicated himself to empowering individuals and organizations alike. Through IML, Sandy has pioneered transformative training, consulting, and publishing initiatives, fostering better communication and collaboration worldwide.

His expertise in behavioral and motivational psychology has earned him acclaim as a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 giants such as AT&T, IBM, and Wal-Mart Corporation. Yet, Sandy’s true joy lies not in corporate accolades, but in the tangible, positive changes he sees in the lives of those he reaches.

Today, IML stands as a global leader in customized behavioral and motivational instruments, with materials translated into over 30 languages. Sandy’s legacy is not just in the companies he’s impacted, but in the countless individuals who have been inspired to achieve their full potential under his guidance.

President, The Institute for Motivational Living, Inc.

The Institute for Motivational Living (IML) stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of customized behavioral assessments. Since its inception in 1983, IML has empowered thousands through certification programs in behavioral analysis. Its array of behavior-based profiles, online reports, and tailored programs fosters enhanced communication and collaboration, enabling individuals to reach their fullest potential.

CEO & Co-Founder, PeopleKeys

At PeopleKeys, we’re dedicated to helping companies acquire, develop, and retain top-tier talent, especially in sales and customer service. Using state-of-the-art online technology and validated instruments, we provide precise assessments of workplace competencies. With insights into strengths and growth areas, our tailored training solutions enhance team performance and personal motivation.

President, Creative Corporate Consulting, Inc.

For over four decades, Creative Corporate Consulting has been a trusted partner to businesses seeking strategic guidance in executive recruitment, team dynamics, and specialized strategic planning. With a focus on human resources excellence and recognizing their people are their greatest asset, we tailor solutions to meet the unique needs of each organization, driving sustained growth and success.

Track Record

Assessment & Analysis
Sandy Kulkin’s expertise, honed over three decades, is matched only by his commitment to leveraging cutting-edge assessments and analytical tools to drive organizational improvement. Through his online systems, Sandy offers unparalleled insights into the health and culture of any organization.

His proprietary analysis technology stands as a beacon of precision, pinpointing existing pain points and anticipating potential challenges within an organization. Crucially, Sandy’s system equips leaders with the critical information needed to boost morale, enhance productivity, and fortify the bottom line.

Drawing on DISC-based and other behavioral tools, Sandy and his team deliver precise insights into both current employees and prospective hires. Armed with this behavioral intelligence, they guide organizations toward better hiring decisions, reduced turnover rates, heightened morale, and amplified productivity.

Sandy’s unique blend of personal expertise and state-of-the-art analytical tools serves as the cornerstone for crafting strategic plans tailored to your organization’s needs and objectives.

Developing a Strategic Plan
In today’s landscape, a truly effective strategic plan serves as a roadmap from your current position to your desired destination. Unfortunately, many consultants and firms get bogged down in analysis, leaving clients with reports highlighting flaws but lacking actionable steps for improvement.

Enter Dr. Sandy Kulkin, a seasoned strategist dedicated to crafting comprehensive solutions. With Sandy at the helm, you won’t receive just a laundry list of problems—you’ll get a blueprint for meaningful change. His commitment extends beyond quick fixes or surface-level remedies, ensuring that your plan addresses core issues head-on. With Sandy’s guidance, your organization can embark on a transformative journey towards sustainable success.

Specialized Behavioral Training
The vitality of an organization hinges on the passion, creativity, and ideas of its workforce. Understanding that employees are inclined to adapt their job demands to align with their personality styles rather than vice versa underscores the critical importance of making informed hiring decisions and strategic placement.

Behavioral analysis emerges as a powerful tool in this endeavor, enabling precise predictions of individual and collective reactions within your organization. By harnessing insights into behavioral styles, you can not only ensure the right people are in the right roles but also cultivate an environment conducive to peak performance.

Specialized training empowers leaders to master the art of predicting and influencing employee behavior, fostering more effective hiring practices, assembling optimal teams, and elevating morale and productivity across the organization. Through a deep understanding of behavioral dynamics, you can unlock the full potential of your workforce and drive sustainable success.

Creative Implementation Strategies
The true measure of a plan’s success lies in its effective implementation. While the overarching objective is to realize the plan’s goals, it’s equally vital to maintain vigilance and adaptability to seize emerging opportunities.

With over three decades of experience, Sandy brings invaluable expertise to guide management, staff, and employees in embracing corporate objectives with individual ownership. Achieving widespread “buy-in” often demands innovative implementation strategies tailored to diverse audiences.

Sandy and his team understand that successful implementation hinges on ongoing evaluation and refinement. By facilitating periodic adjustments throughout the process, Sandy ensures that your organization can navigate smoothly, sidestepping the need for major course corrections midstream. With Sandy’s guidance, your implementation journey becomes not just a pathway to success, but a dynamic and responsive process driving sustained achievement.

Support & Follow-Up

Sandy is committed to the success of your plan. It is important for you to know that all of Sandy’s resources are available to you. His professional staff shares his commitment to making sure that you have the tools and resources you need.

Sandy has helped countless organizations meet and exceed their goals by the strategic application of behavioral insights and knowledge. Sandy has compiled a wealth of tools and resources that will help you to apply behavioral knowledge to your corporate success strategy.