President, The Institute for Motivational Living, Inc.
CEO, PeopleKeys, Inc.
Director, Creative Corporate Consulting, Ltd.
Chairman of the Board, The Bair Foundation

Full Bio

You turned on your water this morning and probably didn’t say, “Thank you, Sandy!” You listened to your favorite inspirational music on the way to the office and probably didn’t think, “Good work, Dr. Kulkin.” You probably took the trash out last week and didn’t even consider who might have made your life a little easier, or at least a little cleaner.

Dr. Sanford “Sandy” Kulkin worked with a 120-year old water company to develop a system for new hiring techniques that assured good customer service to over 20 million customers. Sandy came up with a creative marketing strategy that helped take a music company public and become one of the world’s largest independent distributors of music. He even worked to ensure the survival of one of the country’s largest garbage disposal companies (“environmental organizations” to be politically correct) when their CEO became critically ill and needed to enact a succession plan years ahead of schedule.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t know any of these facts, because to the hundreds of thousands that have attended Sandy’s conferences, to the 20,000+ consultants Sandy has personally worked to train, he is simply “our friend, Sandy!”

Working with many of the leading Fortune 500 companies to create unique marketing and human capital strategies is not what brings joy to Sandy. It is not getting a standing applause from 10,000 people who came to hear words of empowerment that might transform their businesses, organizations, or personal lives. It is all about the individual lives and the positive changes they share. Like the woman who is now the VP of Training at one of the world’s largest organizations who shares,

“I was going to quit my job 10 years ago because I lost the desire to even get out of bed in the morning. I heard you speak and you took time to share with me afterward and encourage me to face a difficult situation at work and persevere until I saw positive change. You took time to follow up, and I listened and now I am in charge of all the people who used to make my life difficult!”

These kinds of testimonies are the norm, not the exception, when Sandy comes to town. A high-power government official says, “I brought you in to solve a problem at the Treasury…you did that but more importantly you helped me gain a relationship with my son who hadn’t spoken to me in months.”

Sandy is a visionary entrepreneur who founded The Institute for Motivational Living in 1983. IML a training, consulting and publishing company designed to help people communicate better and work together more effectively. With his experience in behavioral and motivational application, Sandy has become a nationally recognized expert in helping corporations successfully expand their marketing capabilities. Sandy’s corporate client list includes organizations such as: AT&T, Aramark, IBM, Kodak, MCI, Phillips Petroleum, U.S. Navy, U.S. Treasury Department, United Airlines, US Airways, and Wal-Mart Corporation.

The Institute is today one of the world’s largest publishers of customized behavioral and motivational instruments and has translated materials distributed in over 15 languages, including Chinese, Thai, Greek, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, & Farsi, to name a few.


For many years, Dr. Sanford (Sandy) Kulkin has traveled throughout the United States and abroad imparting the principle “where there’s agreement, there’s power” to corporations and individuals for their greater effectiveness. A highly sought after speaker and consultant, Sandy uses a unique blend of humor, personal experience, and his vast knowledge of applied behavior to help organizations achieve their corporate goals. Literally thousands of people and companies have experienced significant, positive changes in their lives as a direct result of Sandy’s training and consulting.

In 1983, Dr. Kulkin founded The Institute for Motivational Living, a training, consulting, and publishing company designed to help people communicate better and work together more effectively. Since founding the Institute, Sandy has trained over 20,000 consultants and trainers in the use of behavioral principles and cutting-edge consulting techniques. With his experience in behavioral and motivational application, Sandy has become a nationally recognized expert in helping corporations successfully expand their marketing capabilities.

Sandy has developed three college-level courses and has authored a unique book for married couples, Body and Soul. This book is a guide to understanding how an individual’s distinct personality affects relationships.

Career History

President (1983 - present) The Institute for Motivational Living, Inc.

The Institute's web store specializes in the development and publishing of behavioral and psychometric assessments for education, business, and family development.

CEO PeopleKeys® Corporation

PeopleKeys® exists to help companies hire, train and retain top talent, especially as it relates to sales and customer service. PeopleKeys offers state-of-the-art online technology and incorporates a battery of highly validated instruments that can accurately assess workplace competencies. Additionally, PeopleKeys can pinpoint an individual’s strengths and limitations and then provide targeted training to improve overall team performance and personal motivation.

PeopleKeys® and Sandy Kulkin were recently featured on "World Business Review with Alexander Haig" - View the video now.

President (1974 - present) Creative Corporate Consulting, Inc.

Creative Corporate Consulting has been offering services in strategic planning, executive hiring, team building, and the development of specialized marketing plans since 1974. Clientele cross a wide spectrum of industries and services, but all have the same personnel needs and see their people as their greatest asset.